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We Offer 2 Types of Business Appraisals

Every appraisal is done by our Accredited Senior Appraiser, Ross Landreth.  Site visits are rarely required, but can be done for an additional fee.

Formal Appraisal

If you think you may end up in court this USPAP compliant report will provide the opposing side with enough information so that you can reach an agreement without the excessive fees of stepping inside a court room.

Formal Appraisals utilize between 4 and 8 valuation methods to determine the most accurate assessment of the business.  Reports are typically between 70-100 pages.

Formal Medical Appraisals start at $7,000.

Summary Appraisal

The summary appraisal allows me to save a bit of time on the report so that I can pass on those savings to you.  I wouldn’t be comfortable walking into court with a summary appraisal, but it is perfect for a transition or practice merger.

Summary Appraisals utilize between 4 and 6 methods to determine accurate business values.  Reports are typically between 30-50 pages.

Summary appraisals for medical practices start at $4,000.

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