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The Medical Valuations Vlog


12/22/17: Bitcoin & Other Bubbles

I meant to put this video out last week, but I had some trouble editing it and then it kind of slipped off my radar.  I have seen a few other bubbles up close so I thought I would point out how similar the bitcoin bubble is.

12/17/17: 2018 Tax Changes

What marginal tax rate will you find yourself at in 2018.  Plus a discussion on other aspects of the 2018 tax cut:

  • Estate tax changes
  • changes to the standard deduction
  • Elimination of personal exceptions
  • increase in the child tax credit
  • Corporate tax cut to 21%
  • Pass through changes (LLC, Scorp, Partnerships)
  • Elimination of the individual mandate

12/11/17 Video: How to Get a Bank Loan

In this video I discuss the ways you can get a business loan to purchase or start up.  If you are a medical professional you can skip some of the paperwork and hassles if you go to banks that are actively seeking your business.  IF you don’t qualify for the niche lenders, SBA is probably going to be your best option.  In that case, here are some things to look for when you seek SBA funding.

11/29/17 Video: When to use a rule of thumb valuation method

When is it ok to use a rule of thumb valuation.  The short answer is that you shouldn’t rely on them, but you can use them to make sure you are in the right ballpark and to give your work a bit of a sanity check.  In this week’s episode I take on rules of thumb in restaurants and in dental practices.

You are going to see quite a few changes to the site as we head into 2018.  I have had a tremendous year and I learned a lot.  My goal is to put out a Vlog of valuation issues weekly, now that I have a new camera and have figured out how to use it.

Here is my first Vlog

The kinds of topics I plan on covering are:

      • How to buy a business
      • How to sell a business
      • What is my business worth?
      • When is the best time to get an appraisal?
      • Should I bring on a partner?
      • Is a broker working for me?
      • What is my website worth?
      • How do I start a scratch business?
      • How to get a bank loan
      • Should I use the SBA for a bank loan?
      • What kind of appraiser typically shows up against me in court? (are they qualified)
      • Alphabet soup (what do the different valuation credentials mean?)
      • How do you become an appraiser?

I have tons of other ideas, as I have thought about launching this for a long time.  Frankly, the learning curve on videography, seo, and web design are steep.  I spent the last year focused on figuring out how to do those things so that I could produce an acceptable Vlog.  Now that I have some idea of what I am doing I’m going to start putting out a lot of video content.  I recognize that it is still a work in progress so I’ll accept any tips or tricks that you are willing to share with me.