Expert Witness Testimony

Need a trusted Opinion of Value for a future Court Date?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a valuation opinion due to a partnership split, or a divorce we would love to help you.  We have decades of valuation experience inside and outside of the court room.  Our approach provides you with a fair assessment of the business with our full USPAP compliant appraisal report.  Our ASAs (Accredited Senior Appraisers) are regarded at the top of the valuation spectrum.  Many times we come up against unqualified appraisers seeking more than the fair value of the business.  Mediation boards and judges can see right through fake appraisals and quickly find for our clients.

Our job is to help you save money by reaching a fair value for your business should it need to be separated.  We hope that your case settles without the need to go to court so a fair unbiased opinion is necessary.  We find that the majority of the time our cases settle before the in court appearance date.

Ross Landreth’s hourly rate for expert witness testimony and litigation support is $300.