Appraisal Services

Full Appraisal Reports

These reports are typically between 50-70 pages and are designed to take the reader through all steps used in the valuation process.  The full reports are suitable for use in court cases and SBA loans.  Usually complete within 8-10 business days from the receipt of all necessary company documentation.  Typical one doctor one location practices start at $7,000.

Summary Appraisal Reports

You can think of this as just the math behind the full report.  It is typically 20-30 pages.  This isn’t the kind of report that you would want to take into court for a divorce or partnership dispute case.  These are typically complete within 5-7 business days after the receipt of the necessary company information.  Typical one doctor one location practices start at $4,000.

Purchase Feasibility Analysis

The PFA addresses the buyer’s questions regarding how are they going to pay for this business.  We estimate future revenue and expenses so that we can show what it will look like for a buyer to finance the purchase.

These 2 appraisal reports are USPAP compliant

It is important for appraisals to be non-biased and fee based.  I can’t take commissions or increase or decrease the appraisal value just to make an extra buck.  Click here to learn more about USPAP standards