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How to get a Bank Loan

How to get a bank loan to buy a business If you have a medical license you are in luck.  Banks are aggressively pursuing this portfolio and will compete to get your business. Wells fargo’s practice finance division in Emeryville CA (was matsco years ago) Bank of America has a practice solutions division Both of […]

Where Does My Money Go? A Review of Overhead

Where does my money go?  Is my dental practice overhead too high? Have you asked colleagues how much their overhead is?  Have you received answers from 40% all the way up to 90%?  Don’t worry, most of the confusion is due to how they define their overhead.  Some doctors may view their overhead as everything that […]

How to Split Profits With a Partner

Thinking about adding a new partner into your medical practice?  How are you going to split profits? Depending on your entity status you probably have been taking your salary/draw in a tax efficient way.  Also, many of you have been using the practice as your personal check book in an effort to lower your taxes.  […]